The museum staff is currently remodeling the 2nd floor to give a whole new experience to our visitors. The new second floor will feature PBX and key equipment, radios, pay phones, outside plant, switchboards, and of course, the 3ESS electronic switch.

A preview of the second floor PBX area with new track lighting (still under construction).


Our Wish List

The Connections Museum is continually adding to its collection. We are currently searching for the following items:

  • Western Electric Drop Side Toaster
  • Blue Color 302 Telephone Set
  • #5 Crossbar Tandem Trunks
  • Any and all tools, parts, or media related to the Panel switch
  • #1 Crossbar frames, parts, etc.
  • Plunger Line Switch

    If you own or know the location of the above items we would like to talk to you about them.